For Parents and Teachers

This website has three purposes:

  • To introduce young people to careers in peacemaking; not only wishful thinking that peace might come but real careers that pay well. There is a self help guide to selecting a suitable college that enables them to achieve that career, and how to pay for it.
  • To share facts taken from the Department of Defense and other federal government sources and Hawaii health agencies about military enlistment, military life and responsibilities, realities of war, and post-discharge statistical probabilities.
  • To say that for people in their late teens and early twenties, uncertainty about the future is a normal condition. It is an ideal time for young people to explore options that help them define who the person is they want to be. Our children need to know we believe a secure and fulfilling future is possible for them. They rely on us to bolster their confidence as they set about making life-defining choices.

The focus of “Making a Living Making Peace” is narrow; careers in peacemaking and conflict resolution. Opinion polls taken of Millennials (today’s 18 to 28 year olds) show they are fed up with the way their parents’ generation manages relations with other countries.  There’s a seeming new normal of one war after another, instead of negotiated solutions that address the needs of the people in countries whose leaders are in conflict. This site proposes we are at a moment in history that is right for pursuing a career in peacemaking. It is a growth occupation with rewards in compensation and personal accomplishment. As our promotion sticker says, “Peace Pay$”.

“Before You Enlist”, shares information about the military which Hawai`i youth have a right to know before, not after, signing an enlistment contract.

Comprehension that wars are fought to preserve wealth and power, and  war is horrifying beyond imagination cannot be conveyed on a website or in a facebook posting. It is also beyond the scope or intent of Truth2Youth. But we can present facts for their consideration when our young people are deciding whether or not to enlist.

Today, neurological science studies are showing us portions of the brain that allow reason to overcome emotion do not fully mature until the early to mid twenties. That makes teenagers susceptible to aggressive recruitment tactics. And as young soldiers they have the highest incidences of stress, substance abuse and suicide. Correspondingly, a 1989 United Nations Protocol on the Rights of the Child prohibited military recruitment of children under eighteen. The United States has never signed the protocol.

Taken as a whole then we should be asking ourselves;  “What is the proper definition of a child?” Truth2Youth thinks that a person under eighteen fits the definition.

A provision of the 2002 No Child Left Behind Act, carried over to the Every Student Succeed Act in 2015, mandates military recruiters be given access to students in their schools, in a private setting, with no adult advocate for the student present. ESSA also mandates recruiters be provided access to students’ private information. Truth2Youth believes violating the privacy rights of our youth who have not reached maturity is wrong, and therefore military recruiters should be disallowed from public schools. Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) is another means of recruiting we believe would better serve youth if reorganized as a community support program. Additionally schools must allow organizations with a dissenting view from recruiters into the classroom, as required by a Ninth Circuit Court decision in San Diego Committee v The Governing Board of Grossmont Union High School.

In a third page we share internship and work opportunities in Hawai`i, America and abroad. We used to share about organizations that match young people with non-profits and government agencies in other countries for work, volunteer and internship opportunities. We have declined to do so on the T2Y website because of instability in parts of the world. Young people might look to church and service organizations and colleges to find foreign country opportunities.

Truth2Youth is meant to be a learning tool for young people to see now and revisit at a time later when important decisions are being considered.

Our Hawai`i Youth are precious, like no other, and we strive for their future happiness and fulfillment.


808Truth2Youth member organizations are Careers in Peacemaking on Maui, Honolulu Friends Meeting and Hawai`i Peace and Justice on Oahu, Kaua`i Alliance for Peace and Social Justice, The Peace Squad on Hawaii Island.


We are grateful for the generous financial support of Hawaii People’s Fund.